How to Survive a Horror Movie


Written by best-selling author, screenwriter, and producer Seth Grahame-Smith (Stephen King’s It), with an introduction by horror icon Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street), this is a hilarious must-read for any horror movie fan…and it just might save your life.

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About the book:

Are you reading this in a cornfield, at a summer camp, or in an abandoned mental institution? Have you noticed that everything is poorly lit, or that music surges every time you open a door? If the answer is yes, you’re probably trapped in a horror movie. But don’t freak out—just read this book! With it you will learn how to overcome every obstacle found in scary films, including:

  • How to determine what type of horror film you’re trapped in
  • The five types of slashers and how to defeat them
  • How to handle killer dolls, murderous automobiles, and other haunted objects
  • How to deal with alien invasions, zombie apocalypses, and other global threats
  • What to do if you did something last summer, if your corn has children in it, or if you suspect you’re already dead


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