The GayBCs Bundle (Set of 5)

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Ideal for ages 4–8

A joyful celebration of LGBTQ+ vocabulary for kids of all ages! Spread the love with five copies of The GayBCs and five “A is for Ally” buttons.

Boxes come neatly packaged, with crinkle paper, making them easy to send as gifts.

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About the book:

A playdate extravaganza transforms into a celebration of friendship, love, and identity as four friends sashay out of all the closets, dress up in a wardrobe fit for kings and queens, and discover the wonder of imagination. From A is for Ally to F is for Family to Q is for Queer, debut author/illustrator M. L. Webb’s bright illustrations and lively, inclusive poems delight in the beauty of embracing one’s truest self. A glossary in the back offers opportunity for further discussion of terms and identities. The GayBCs is perfect for fans of A Is for Activist and Feminist Baby—showing kids and adults alike that every identity is worthy of being celebrated.


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